Stockbowl Team Cup will be a NAF-sanctioned event.

The participation fee is 400 SEK per team, consisting of 4 team members, if all coaches are NAF members. Every player that is not a NAF member needs to pay an additional 50sek, but will receive a NAF membership. Mail the name of the four coach team, the name of the 4 coaches, and the cell phone number, e-mail and NAF number of all the team members to no later than March 27 to register for the tournament.

Please drop us a mail if you need help with accommodation, need to borrow a painted team or have any questions. You also need to transfer the participation fee to the Stockbowl account, PG 159 69 93-4 no later than March 27. Please do not transfer the participation fee for the individual coaches, pay the entire 400 SEK in one transfer. If you don’t live in Sweden, contact us at about the payment.

Each coach needs to e-mail their team roster to no later than April 3.