Team value 1100000.
All teams from the CRP, as well as Chaos Pact, Slann and Underworld are allowed.
Each coach must coach a Blood Bowl team of a different race than any other coach of their team is coaching.
Up to 2 star players are allowed per individual team as long as there are at least 11 other players on the roster. Also, Goblin teams may buy bribes (50K each, maximum 3) and Halfling teams may purchase a Master Chef (100K). No other inducements are allowed.

Tiers (used to determine what team gets to select matchups, and to award skills):

Skills (awarded Saturday morning, at the start of the tournament, and yes, we know that tiers 1 and 2 get the same amount of skills):

Stacking is not allowed, no player can ever receive more than one additional skill.
All skills must be clearly noted on all copies of your team roster before the tournament starts.

All games are played without post-match procedures and thus without winnings, player purchases etc.
All injuries and earned star player points are waived after each game.
So each game starts with the same players on the roster.